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Tap Cleaning Service

Right now in Texas, "Free" line cleanings are being done by distributors as a courtesy for buying their beers. The problem this presents is - not all beers have distributors that do line cleanings, and the ones that do are not performing the service up to the highest standards. There is also the predicament of changing kegs from line-to-line, and when the distributor comes in to clean their lines, several were missed because of poor timing since their beer was recently moved to another line.

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We have the SOLUTION! Greenlight Tap Services provides full service draft system cleanings using our 10-point cleaning program to cover your entire system. This program delivers tangible value to the establishment owner as beverage taste and efficiency improve greatly with regular cleanings.


This means higher profits for the establishment - making the ROI of our service instantly achievable. Studies have been done that show with regular line cleaning, establishments are able to pour up to 10% more out of one keg because of more efficient pouring due to a clean system. Not to mention - less cost in the long run on maintenance and repair of the system because it's being maintained on a regular basis. 

Our goal is to provide a full cleaning service we are proud of that brings value to the establishment owner, and tasty beverages to the consumer!

Here is an example of how dirty a customer's lines were right after they had received a 'free' cleaning from one of the local distributors!

The left side is the cleaner before it was ran through the lines.

The right side is after!

Photo Mar 24, 3 58 16 PM.jpg

Draft System Repair

Is your draft system pouring foamy beer? Is your draft system not pouring at all? Our draft technicians are available 24/7 to come to your site to troubleshoot and repair any issues your draft system may present. 

Not sure if your system is pouring efficiently? Have one of our draft technicians come do a thorough inspection and correction of your system to make sure it's operating at it's peak. With every oz of wasted beer costing you money, you can't afford not to call us. 

Our fully stocked service vans have the equipment and the parts inventory to solve any crisis your draft system may present to you. 

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Photo Mar 11, 10 22 26 AM.jpg

Installation & Upgrades

Our draft technicians are Micromatic certified and are capable of providing and installing direct draw and long draw draft systems. Whether you are opening a new establishment, adding a bar area to your home, or wanting to add a few beers to your current line-up - give us a call today for a complimentary quote. 

We specialize in installation of draft beer, wine, cocktail, kombucha, nitro coffee, and water systems. Anything you need poured out of a tap - we can design and install for you!


We install systems for commercial and residential customers throughout DFW. 





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